What to expect

  • There are some risks related to the procedure, as with any aesthetic procedure. Although complications of Hollywood carbon peel procedure are rare and usually self-limiting but can include discomfort and mild residual redness or mild burning which may occur within the first three days after the procedure but should resolve quickly.
  • There is no downtime following a Carbon Laser Peel with results appearing even following one session. 
  • A course of treatment might be recommended depending on your skin condition and desired results. 
  • Mild residual redness or mild burning may occur but should resolve over the next 24-72 hours. You will notice your skin may be slightly reddened and swollen if blisters please call us.
  • You will notice your skin will start to flake and peel, it is crucial you do NOT pick, or “help” remove the skin as this could lead to scarring and/or pigmentary changes. Apply recommended cream to dry areas.

Post-Treatment Instructions

  • Avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat.
  • Begin washing face 2-3 times a day with room temperature water and Cleansing Gel.
  • You may take a shower and wash your hair. Avoid hot water.
  • Apply prescribed topical medications to the treated area if needed. Ensure skin remains constantly moist.
  • Avoid scrubbing, gently treat your skin.
  • For extreme itching, hydrocortisone cream (OTC 1%) may be applied. AVOID picking and/or scratching.
  • You may start more aggressive washing with fingertips to promote further exfoliation (do not pick).
  • Use non-irritating prescribed sunblock (SPF 40) when going outside.
  • You may apply mineral makeup (powder) after 4 to 7days.
  • Continue appropriate moisturizer until the skin has hydrated back to its normal level (3-4 weeks).
  • You may start a regular skincare program as long as the treated area is healed (no exfoliation).
  • Continue applying non-irritating sunblock (SPF 40) and use mineral makeup (powder) to protect treated areas (do not use liquid foundation as it may clog pores and irritate new skin).
  • Avoid exposure to the excessive sun for up to 4 weeks (hat or clothing must be used to protect treated areas).
  • You may return to your exercise programs within 4 weeks.


Estelaza Clinic is the brainchild of Dr. Nouf Al Raeesi who has gained her experience as an expert skin specialist working with some of the top Skin specialists in the medical field for over 7 years.

Nouf’s passion and dedication to providing life-changing skin revision treatment programs using some of the best skincare and medical technology on the market has gained an ever growing reputation amongst current and new patients.

Nouf has a certified degree of Bachelor of Medicine from Dubai Medical College for girls, with highest measure of educational brilliance she has obtained an Arab Board of Family Medicine, with all the Arsenals and valuable clinical experiences.

She has been a member of Royal College of General Practitioners, she has been undertaking fellowship program at American Academy of anti-aging Medicine (A4M) in advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease.

She has undergone and finished derma-medical foundation and advanced courses, in addition teaching and training aesthetic medicine are a part of her passion.

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